Coffee, beer and tacos top June’s DFW restaurant news menu

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Tesar on Fire

“I don’t know when cooking a steak became so complicated,” writes popular Dallas chef, restaurateur and two-time “Top Chef” contestant John Tesar in his first cookbook, “Knife: Texas Steakhouse Meals at Home” (Flatiron Books, $29.99). “When I was growing up … we didn’t need to have charcoal or wood chunks or lighter fluid or a hibachi or a Big Green Egg to cook a steak, much less a sous vide machine and a water circulator. All you needed was a big steel pan, some oil, salt, and a piece of good meat.” Named for Tesar’s revolutionary Dallas restaurant that draws big crowds with deep pockets for premium dry-aged cuts like beef cheeks, oxtail and Akaushi beef, the hefty tome reveals Tesar’s secrets for preparing the perfect steak, such as gauging the size and seasoning, and heating the pan properly. Tesar also includes recipes for some of his signature sides, such as avocado fries. “My wish is that you will create the perfect steakhouse meal at home.”

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